New Book by David GleicherRescue of Third Class Passengers

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Apr 27, 2000
Readers of my research articles may be interested to know that Maritime History Publications (an academic press) has just published a book of mine--entitled The Rescue of the Third Class Passengers on the Titanic.

The book addresses in a scholarly fashion the broad question of why the Third Class died in the accident in such disproportionate numbers. I offer "revisionist" views of such perennial issues as, how organized and efficient the rescue effort was; what roles were played by the various senior officers; what the timing and order was in the loading and launching of lifeboats; to what extent were Third Class passengers prevented from reaching the lifeboats by the authorities; and to what extent were there violent confrontations between officers and Third Class men.

This is a soft-cover book, roughly 300 pages including tables, illustrations and bibliography. The price is US$25 + US$5 (shipping and handling). It can be ordered by phone: 709-737-2602, or by e-mail: [email protected]. There are limited copies available.


Tad G. Fitch

Dec 13, 1999
Congratulations David. Although some of our conclusions differ, I am interested in seeing your book, as the third class passengers are an area of high interest for me as well. Best of luck with the sales.

Kind regards,
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