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>American history has done to the non-White victims like the Saenz's

A few points...

The Saenz story was covered in exquisite detail in 1934.

Dr.Braulio, and Caridad, Saenz traveled with a retinue of servants, and all three of their children were educated in private schools in Boston.

They traveled first class aboard the Olympic.

Their New York address was the Ritz-Carlton.

The Ritz-Carlton definitely had a whites only policy.

Most Boston private academies in 1934 had a no Jews/Whites only admissions policy. I do not know the Olympic's policy towards non-whites in first class, BUT....

On the basis of all of the above, it is safe to assume that by 1934 standards the Saenz family was both extremely wealthy and white.

Dr. Saenz apparently did not release photos of his lost family to the press. Only very elderly (now) friends or relatives of theirs can say for certain if they were light skinned or dark skinned.

my apologies

By "White" i meant "anglo" and the Saenz's were Hispanic - i assumed that there would be prejudice given the widespread racist and colonialist attitudes of the time towards Latin America
Your welcome Paul. Thanks for the link. A teenage Maia Brewton would be ideal looking for my main character's teenage daughter. The girl's father is from Argentina originally and works in 1934 Cuba. I was thinking about him to the late Teens Hollywood before a rich Argentinian looking to learn about the movies with the view of starting his own Film Studios in Argentina when he meets my Main Character. I'm getting my ducks in a row on that.

sounds good - PM me when you have some done

I like Fantasy Casting for my fan fiction - i can have characters "portrayed" by my favourite actors and actresses even if they were not contemporaries

(It's done by "professional" authors too - the incarnation of the Master in the Doctor Who book First Frontier is "played by" Basil Rathbone)

I like Fantasy Casting for my fan fiction..
As do I. It gives me an idea of what my characters look like. My Main Character has Lillian Gishe's face and Marguerite Clarke's height and weight and Mabel Normand and Texas Guinon's sense of fun and Mary Pickford and Helen Gardner's grit and determination. Plus her name is taken from some famous people of Elizabethan England as well.​
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