New Discovery - Lifeboat Davit Recovered



The Lusitania was featured on my local TV station here in Northern Ireland. Incredible as it sounds, one of her lifeboat davits has been hiding in plain sight for decades right next to the public toilets in the coastal village of Annalong. With no signs or anything to say what it is. Imagine how many people (or dogs) have leaned against it over the years. It turns out it was recovered in the 1960's by a fishing boat which had caught her nets on the wreck of the Lusitania and pulled up one of her lifeboat davits. I went there a few times when I was a kid. I probably swung around it and pretended it was from the Lusitania without realizing it really was from the Lusitania! :eek:




The moment the crew realized what they had caught.


Sadly the davit is about to be taken away. It will soon travel down south to a museum in Kinsale - close to the spot where the ship went down. Good news for them I guess, but bad for us as it will soon be gone. At least it will be appreciated and preserved carefully down there.

More news here:

Piece of Lusitania leaves Annalong for Cork

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