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Gavin Murphy

I may be coming in late on this and if I am I apologise.

I am now aware of two new books on the Lusitania. Are others? Weigh in Man-In-Black!!!!!!

They are:

Lusitania: Saga and Myth (actually published last Sept. in UK but now avail. in the new world)


Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy

Thanx for any further details. I read about them in the most recent edition of The Economist.

Oct 13, 2000
Hi Gavin,
I am ashamed to admit it, but I have almost no interest in the Lusitania disaster! so I am not up to speed on what is available on this subject. aside from Titanic, the only other wreck that really fascinates me is the Andrea Doria. I have often wondered what it is about these two particular events that single them out from all the other amazing stories of wrecks on the sea. there are two things that stick out that is similar about these events.

one is that both ships took a while to sink, almost three hours for Titanic, an somewhere around 10 hours for the Andrea Doria.

wrecks like the Lusitania, or Empress of Ireland happened so fast, that there was almost no time for people to cope with the event. either they were lucky and got out, or they died.

the second thing is that there is tremendous documentation of what happened in both wrecks. many earlier wrecks might be potentially just as interesting (the wreck of the Arctic springs to mine), but the documentation that has survived is just too limited to study in any depth (pun intended).

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Mar 28, 2002
I'm afraid the only book I have on the Lusitania is a David Butler novel entitled, strangely enough, "Lusitania".

I read it about 10 years ago but from what I can remember, it wasn't a bad book at all.


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