New mauretania book Mauretania Triumph and Resurrection

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As promised here are the details of my new book on Mauretania:

The fascinating story of an exceptional ship
Peter Newall

This unusual book celebrates the 100th anniversary of Mauretania, one of the most famous liners ever built. A lucky ship, she held the transatlantic Blue Riband record for twenty-two years. Despite being scrapped in 1936, many of her magnificent interiors are still scattered around England. In fact, no other demolished liner of the past has so much material still on view.

‘Mauretania: Triumph and Resurrection’ tells the history of Mauretania, from concept, design and building to service in peace and war. The story continues way beyond the scrapping of this great ship, and tells what happened to many of the pieces, which were sold at auction and stripped out of the ship before demolition. The book also includes a tour of the ship, using plans and photographs. Well-known author Peter Newall has not only researched and written the full story of Mauretania’s life and times, but has also unearthed many of her fixtures and fittings.

This attractive 140-page A4 softback, including a four-page fold-out cutaway plan, is beautifully illustrated, with 98 colour and 240 black and white and sepia images of the ship at all stages of her career, and of her surviving fixtures and fittings.

‘Mauretania: Triumph and Resurrection’ is available at £19.50 plus £2.00 postage. Orders to J. & M. Clarkson, 18 Franklands, Longton, Preston PR4 5PD, UK or e-mail:

A limited number of hardback copies will be available subject to demand.
Dear Mr. Newall,

Congratulations on the publication of your new book. I have a few questions about the gun mount you wrote about. You state that Mauretania had a single 12-pound gun installed in 1916 and the mount is visible in the Halifax photograph forward of the foremast - but is that not her crane crutch that you've indicated, or am I looking in the wrong area? I have posted links to scans of my example of the Halifax photocard and a photograph taken at Pier 6 in Limon Bay in 1933/34 with the mount/crutch area marked. Were not Mauretania's four 6-inch bow gun platforms placed forward and aft of the foremast, two port and two starboard? When was this single gun you mentioned installed on the bow? Was she already in her dazzle scheme when she was tied up in 1917 at, I believe, Gareloch? Do you know how many times she may have been painted from dazzle to black and back after her hospital service? Thanks very much!


Panama 1933/34

Best wishes,
Eric Longo

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I must congratulate Peter on a wonderful book that is superbly presented and most informative. It's always a pleasure to read a book that is well researched and obviously a labour of love by the author.I had the good fortune to meet Peter when i allowed him free and welcome access to the Mauretania items and fittings in my collection and was amazed at the depth of the detective work he had done for this project.
Many thanks for your kind words Adam.

The book has been very well received and has a great review in this week's issue of Fairplay, the leading shipping magazine. It ends with: "The production and photographs are particularly outstanding, showcasing a book that is a stunning tribute to one of the world's most famous ocean liners." The book is also Mainmast Book's "Book of the Month".

I know that the Mauretania items you have rescued have now found an excellent home, especially your recent discovery of the panels from the satinwood Parlour Suite. In your safe hands, I know that these items will not be cut up into small pieces and sold on the internet!

Best wishes,
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