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Caroline Chavez

Maybe I should write the next Titanic movie. (haha) I'm only a kid with dreams, i have thought many times of writing a movie script about the beautiful Titanic. But me against Cameron? HAHAHA No way:-(. But like i said i have dreams, and when there is going to be a new Titanic movie playing, i will hopfully be alive to see it. (And many of you) :-|

Love truley,
Caroline C. from MATERIALISTIC california:-(
Nov 30, 2000
Well, I HAVE had a Titanic project on the drafting table since December of 1999 (one reason why I partied like it was that year, if I may nod in the direction of the artist KNOWN as Prince! :) ) For all I know, IT might become a film one day.
Let's see, if it did, some things on my wish list would be:

A Titanic ship set with BOTH decks and a complete lifeboat compliment.
Set size? About, oh, 800 feet in length.

Good Californian and Carpathia sets too.

An actor as good as Laurence Naismith to play Captain Smith.

An actor as good as Kenneth More to play Second Officer Lightoller.

And EVERYONE here getting a chance to be an extra! :)

As the title for one of Yanni's album's says, dare to dream....

Richard K.
Nov 30, 2000
Oops! Forgot three other things for my wish list:

A good actor to play Captain Lord.

A good actor to play Captain Rostron.

The Titanic's final plunge being depicted correctly (i.e. sudden lurch downward, big wave up starboard side...and the gallant Lights' fight for his life at that vent he got pinned to twice.)

Caroline: would you like to be a co-writer on the screenplay for the film version of my Big T project should it head for the screen? :)
(My respects regarding those bad fires out there in your home state, btw. Hope they find the person that set them and put 'em behind bars for life like they did with arsonist John Orr.)

Richard K.

Wesley Burton

Apr 22, 2004
Richard, I just might take the offer of being an extra up. As long as I dont end up like propellor guy.
I want to try to write something that hasnt already been shown. Sadly over a period of nearly 5 years, I came up with nothing.

I would like to see a movie about the inquiry as well. It may be dull to the general audience, but if done right it could be fascinating to me.

Another movie I wouldnt mind seeing made is something about how Ballard found the wreck. It's been almost 20 years, why not give it a shot. It could be entertaining to anyone depending on how they do it. Seeing as most of the characters are still alive they could help out, if they wish.

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