New order Olympic class ships

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Alexander John Cooley

Okay I have been thinking of this for quite some time and I have taken many things into consideration. I have been thinking there probably would have to be a ship or some ships that would be half bigger and powerful and more accommodating than the QM2 and so I looked on the the official site that Cunard lines has and looked at the QM2's ship fact's and I have basically taken the numbers that are posted in there and I have divided them by 2 and added the whole number that was a result of the division so that way the numbers would depict in every way a ship that is half bigger in every way than the QM2. So I am proud to introduce...

"The New order Olympic class liners"

New order Olympic class liner
Qty: 3
Names: Olympic 2, Titanic 2, and Britannic/Gigantic 2.
Length: 1,698.00 feet
Width: 221.25 feet
Height: (keel to funnel) 354.3 feet
Draft: 48 feet 5 inches
Gross Tonnage: Approximately 227,100 gross tonnes.
Power: 235,500 Horse power environmentally friendly gas turbine/diesel electric plant. Also is capable of running off of bio matter that is produced in the landfills!
Propulsion: 32.25 MW each; 3 fixed and 2 Azimuthing.
Strength: Extra thick and re-enforced steel hull for strength and stability for around the world traveling and crossings.
Stabilizers: 3 sets.
Crew: 1880
Guest capacity: 8472
Cost: $1,200 million each $3,600 Million all together.
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