New Passenger Search

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I very much like the addition of the passenger search. I was messing around with it today. Very cool. Thanks for adding a great thing to an already great site Phil!
Is it just me or my computer, but every time that I do a search, no matter what I search for or what details I chose, all I ever get is the 1st class passenger list (I think it goes into 2nd class and 3rd, but it starts with 1st class).

Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

Daniel, it does state on the search page that the results are first sorted by class - is that what you mean?

I too have enjoyed "playing" with the new facility, with interesting and sometimes surprising results. I hadn't realised before that the causes of death are unknown (at present) in the cases of most of the survivors or that one, sadly, had died of malnutrition.

One omission, given my own profession: I couldn't find "teacher" on the list of occupations.

In any case, a very valuable addition to the site. Thank you!


Philip Hind

Staff member
The Occupation list does not include all possible occupations but just those where the individual's occupation has already been added. Not all are known and not all that are known have yet been added. The same goes for causes of death. As well as improving the quality of the data I hope to be adding in a lot more possible search options soon. There is already a lot of information in the database that is not shown.
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