NEW titanic 3d model

hi guys,
here's a test render of the stern, from the new titanic model i'm doing for a school. the hull is created by another artist. but let me know what you think of it so far. the textures, cranes and the green engine are not done yet. it's just a test. but still, feel free to leave some feedback. if anything looks wrong, i'll change it.


thanks, if anybody out there has any corrections, let me know. here's another quick test render of the new crane. it's still not all done, but give me some feedback on this one cause i'm not really sure if i like the model, though it still ain't done.

hey guys, i need some help on this one !!
i just realized that the stern walls are incorrect according to the blueprints of c-deck. wrong. that'll be fixed in no time. but, my big question here is about the double doors , leading the third class entrance. since there's no reference pictures out there on this section of the ship, it's kinda hard to get an idea of what the doors looked like. now, should i make them with portholes in'em, or just plane doors ?
what do you think ?


please let me know
Here's a reference from the H&W photos during the Olympic fitting-out. There may be a better photo out, but I see a two panel door with a wide center rail and no porthole.

Also, remember to taper the crane posts and put a narrowing in the turning where it reaches the deck socket. Nice modeling by the way.

Throwing in my two cents, but if you own Titanic The Ship Magnificent, Volume II, page 342, fig. 8-53 is a photograph of Third Class Entrance space below the poop deck of Olympic. It shows the starboard side doors clearly with the two panel door with center rail and a bull's-eye light [circular light in non-opening frame, like a porthole] in both. There also seems to be a small latch on the door to connect with a hook on the bulkhead to secure the door open located next to the bull's-eye.

Bob Read

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Here's a little better angle on the doors referenced above by Bill Sauder. These in this photo are on the starboard side. This is an H&W photo that has had some extensive editing done on it to "bring out" the details under the poop deck.

Bob Read
Thank you Ryan, i'll have some new updates next week! and thank you bob for the picture ! there's a great deal of details shown on that one. i'll get back soon with more updates and questions to all of you guys, so far you have all bin a great help !!
take care !
hey guys, here's a quick test render of the doors. tell me what to change, and i'll do it. i'm not all done yet with this area though. but please let me know if you have any corrections. i'll post some more detailed renders next week


Bob Read

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A couple or points:
You show only one of the support posts of the fore and aft girder near the crane post. There are two. In the photo above, one is partially obscured by the stairs which you can't see through. Also, this girder runs inboard of the crane post not outboard of it.

Bob Read
Hi Nick,

I have attached a structural plan of the roof of the shelter (the underside of the Poop (Bridge)Deck, and I've colorized the important elements for you.

Diagram URL:

Looking at the diagram: The drawing is oriented to match your last illustration, so aft is up.

1. The red lines represent the steel bulkheads.

2. The blue lines represent the deck beams. You have yours running fore-aft, they should be port to stbd, and there are five visible from under the shelter. The spacing between the first four is 33 inches, and the last one is 30". These are channel cross sections. Do you need the dimensions?

3. There is a heavy beam in yellow running fore and aft that carries the weight of the deck beams (It's called a longitudinal and it's the one Bob Read is referring to) It's got a complicated cross section, so an I Beam cross section would probably do.

4. The Longitudinal beam is supported in two places by pillars, each should be 3-4 inches in diameter. They are represented by the black diamonds.

5. The crane post is shown as a blue disk.

6. Ignore all the original black lines left on the drawing, none of them really pertain to what you are doing. (They show deck plating alignments and crane races.)

7. And as Bob mentioned, these stairs have backing boards on them so you can't see through them.

Bill Sauder