New Titanic movie what should it be about

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Apr 24, 2000
In a discussion here we were talking about making a new Titanic-Movie.I think there really should be made a new movie,but instead of fictional characters they should take people who really existed.My question is:
If you had the chance to write the script to a new Titanic movie,what would it be about ?

Dan Cherry

Dec 14, 1999
I would take a docudrama approach to it, focus a
little on the building, the argument over the
fitting of lifeboats (from 64 to 48 to 32 to 16)
and give second class a little more screen time,
as well as some of the subsequent disaster
inquiries and hearings. I would also like to give
Olympic a cameo, just because so many don't know
that Titanic had a sister ship in service at the
time of the disaster, and perhaps mention a little
about Britannic at the end, that despite all the
changes made in the Olympic-class liner
post-disaster, Britannic was lost in 55 minutes.
As far as a storyline, just follow the actual
unfolding of events. The facts alone and story
makes for a somewhat compelling film.

Mike Smith

Mar 19, 1997
I think that I would base the story around the officers, from the time they boarded in Belfast, right up until the end of the inquiries. Of course such a film would last for hours but you could always split it in half and make two movies.

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Mike -

A man after my own heart :)

Ted Dowding, the nephew of passenger Clear Cameron (who was rescued by Harold Lowe in #14) is strongly of the view that a movie based on the perspective of the deck officers could be very interesting. The preparations for her sea trials in Belfast, using discussions in their smoking room as a frame for vignettes of passengers of all classes, the sinking (from the bridge to the launch of the boats and rescue), all the way up to the arrival in NY.

The personal interactions of this group of men would also be interesting - they were eight quite sharply delineated characters. Contrast the two juniors, Lowe and Moody - one was a very private, self-contained man, somewhat terse but with a very dry sense of humour, who had come up 'through the hawsepipe' (unlike his fellow officers who served apprenticeships), and who regarded himself as a stranger to all on board. Then there was the Sixth Officer, who was bright, gregarious, with a very mischievious and irreverent sense of humour. Their interaction builds to the point when, on the aft port side boats, Lowe offers Moody an opportunity - who is going to leave the ship? And Moody makes his choice. Then there's the resolution of that thread on the Carpathia, when Lowe arrives and finds that Moody had not done as he had been instructed to do, and go in #16.

The last minute change in the line-up of senior officers...Murdoch, known as a brilliant seaman, anticipating his own command...Wilde, whose life had been so touched with tragedy, but still managing to construct a remarkable career for himself...Lightoller with his rich and varied career...marvelous what you could do with these characters.

Hmmm - opening scene could feature the news being received by these men, on the Olympic, the Oceanic, various other locations...telegrams telling them to report to the WSL offices to get their tickets to Belfast.

But, enthused as I am about the idea, I don't think the Titanic is ground that will be revisited by filmakers in the near future.


Kim M.

Hi Inger, Never say Never J.C.s Titanic was released only one year after Hallmarks Titanic, which aired on CBS. KIM M.

Elaine Barnes

Hey, hey, hey, I smell a mini-series here! 1 hour per night for,let's say,5 nights.They could produce it for the May sweeps with huge build-up and commercials for it every half-hour, on the hour!


Jul 27, 2000
Now that we have seen the movie and only imagine
the experence by a fraction of the passengers and
crew of the Titanic. We should let the ship rest at the bottom of the ocean and let its memories only be memories.
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