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Kevin Krinn

Im working on a Titanic Walkthrough project. My goal is to map out every room so you can explore the whole ship. I am using the game "half-life" because of ease of use and speed. Its kinda like the quake map, but much more extensive and it is not ment for playing as a shootup map. eventualy i will make a GUI and interface for it too.

to keep framerates up, I will be spliting the sections off the ship to different maps, but it still may run slow on slower computers

here are a couple of pics. (they are not ingame, the are from my editer) I have the the basic structure of the boatdeck and A Deck down, and am moving on the the grand staircase. the two top images ones a not as new and A-deck is a little more complete.

I can post more images as I come along if anyone is intrested

any comments?

-Kevin Krinn

here are the imagestitanic3.jpegtitanic2.jpegtitanic1.jpeg

Kevin Krinn

well, It should avalable for free download, you would have to own a copy of half-life and the current updates. but you can find it used pretty cheap.
I'll be post some updated images later tonight


Kevin Krinn


ok here is a update, the Grand Staircase is nearly complete (structure wise, I still have to draw textures.)
I still have more ceiling moldings to do.

I have alot of work still, but the most complicated part is nearly done.

thanks for the interest

Well done, Kevin. A 3D 'walkthru' map of the whole ship would be a very useful aid to visualising real events. Have you tried recruiting others to help? Maybe the task could be shared out, with individuals or teams working on different decks.

Kevin Krinn

thats a good idea if anyone wants to help, I apricate the help. I anyone would like to help with the 3d work, all you need is the worldcraft editer, and a few files from halflife. Owning the game would be helpful, but not required. Also a basic knowlage of 3d editing and halflife editing would be requried.... it isn't as hard as it looks though. you basicallly have to manipulate boxes or cubes and place and strectch them to make walls or floor, chairs, doors, etc. I could help if anyone doesn't know how to do it.

Also, I need high resolution textures for walls floor tiles, doors, everything... but that is still down the road.

The only other thing I need is information, scince every room is going to be avalable, I need to know what or at least general idea what is in the rooms that don't have pictures avalable.
I can never have it perfect or make it like Adventure out of time. But I want to strech the technology as far as it will go.

if anyone is intrested you can e-mail me at [email protected]

also one more thing, this is totaly no profit, and open to anyone who wants to download, so any work done by anyone will not own any copyrights to that work. (I just don't want some one to send me something then say that you can't use it after the project is finished)

I should be posting a few more pics tonight.
(sorry for that bad spelling)


Kevin Krinn


here are some updated images, the Boatdeck and A Deck of the Grand Staircase is nearly compleate, the structure is finished, the only thing it lacks is textures and details

here ya go!
[notice the beams on the ceilings, that took a while, also the windows are square because the window texture will fill in the arch at the top]


Kevin Krinn

here is a quick update, not much tonight, but I did finish my GSC dome texture, also, maybe tommorow I'll have a shot with light and shadows form within the game engine, to give you a Idea of what it will look like.

lets hope it doesn't crash, it's been rendering for hours : )

two views looking up and down the GSC well, all 6 decks.
Tonight's Update


Hi Kevin,

Can I just say that your work is looking *extremely* good! I've been waiting for some talented person to make something like this for a long time (I know about the QuakeII map, but I have to say I wasn't too impressed - yours looks much better!)

Keep up the good work

Hi Kevin,
Interesting project, and what a lot of work you're undertaking. Have you seen David Clarke's 3D Titanic site @

3D Titanic

Unfortunately my connection's too slow to see his site properly right now, but as soon as I saw your work, I thought of his. Nicely complementary ideas, don't you think.

As others have written above, keep us posted on your progress.


Kevin Krinn

Yeah I have seen that site, I really liked the rederingings, but it hasn't been updated in a wile. his stuff is probuly to complicated too walk around in, mine will be less deatailed so if will run better.

Thnaks for being interested.
I'll keep posting.
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