New Titanic to be built

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that they only way a duplicate, or even a reasonable facsimile of one will ever get built is if some *very* rich person decides he wants one built for himself as a yard decoration (in which case it could be a duplicate), or as a personal yacht (in which case it could be very similar, but with significant modifications for propulsion, sanitation etc.).

Note that I did not say this was likely, most very rich people are business people for whom an expensive indulgence such as this would be a career killer.

Now, if one had retired, and was sitting on some liquid billions, then one could make a case that the construction of this indulgence would put many people to work, and is their way of giving something to society in the way of gainful employment.

I just don't see a replica making a go as a cruise ship or a museum - unless it was so unlike the original as to make the exercise pointless. Might as well stick the name Titanic on a modern cruise ship.

My opinion of course, and YMMV.

If you would build something so elegant why would you want it all to yourself, and what would u do with an 882.5 foot long vessel all to yourself. You could even charge people to tour it and help pay upkeep expenses. No offense but that seems a little selfish.
Of course, it there were ways to defer some of the expense through tours or whatever, then I am sure the builder would be willing to do that. But you would not count on the ship paying for itself.

I guess that is the big point here, whoever builds it would do so with no illusion that it was going to bring in significant money. It would be a purchase, not an investment.

>>I would like for them to build a new titanic.<<

>>It's been done. No replicas mind you. That's just not going to happen. The one I saw was a modest tanker operating near the Persian Gulf.<<

Near miss: The one I saw was a 13,000 ton WWII-Korean Conflict Cargo Ship USS Titania (AKA-13).
But, suppose you invented a magic brick that produces power (thought experiment), and you are now the worlds first trillionare - would you have someone build one for you? Maybe all three?

Big ;)

I have an idea that no one here has come up with, which I actually think may be feasible with the right planning and financial backers. Well I'm only 20, I still have many years ahead of me to plan this and make it happen lol. I promise you guys though, if I am ever involved in a future Titanic project, you guys will not be disappointed as long as I am involved. Just have to trust me on this one I guess. But I think I should keep my ideas private as I am sure ya'll will think I am crazy.

I promise you guys though, if I am ever involved in a future Titanic project, you guys will not be disappointed as long as I am involved. Just have to trust me on this one I guess.

Okay Steve, so we will all live to be at least 149; for me that will be the 200th Anniversary of the Titanic's sinking; yes Phil, Michael S. and Jason, 149 will put many Listmembers past 2012, especially Michael and Jason
This way we will all be there for the Maiden Voyage, especially as Michael, Jason, and Phil are escorted on as "The Guests of Honor"; I thought of Millvina, but she'd be against the idea. Instead, "The Guests of Honor" will accompany Monica and Inger instead.

There, Steve, start planning for April 2112.
What do you think, how many money is required to make new Titanic?

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