New Titanicfeasible or folly

Oct 3, 2011
Adding my two cents/pennies to the replica idea.

As a working copy is utterly impossible, any modern "Titanic" cruise ship would bear no resemblance to the original at all. You might get some tacky decorative touches "based" on the original. A few modern ships have staircases inspired by Titanic's. The former R1-R8 ships for example, and the Queen Victoria. The Cunarder's staircase is actually quite nice in my opinion.

I'm not sure how I'd feel about taking a cruise on a ship named Titanic anyway, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence!

A static land-based replica? Oh sure that would be great, but very costly and I doubt it would be worth it. Again, it might actually end up being somewhat tacky to maximise the profits. I'm thinking ridiculous, tasteless souvenirs and such.

I doubt such a thing could ever truly feel realistic, no matter how authentic it might look.

I've visited the S.S Great Britain a couple of times, now that thing (though extensively reconstructed) is the REAL deal, you just can't replicate that. The whole experience of seeing that ship was amazing, her incredible history and the fact she's in the very dock she was built. I remember trying to shut out all the modernity around me, and imagined I was on board her the first time she left Bristol.

The White Swan Hotel in Alnwick has a lot of Olympic's fittings such as the lounge panelling. It's a nice little hotel and I've been lucky enough to visit, and sit in Olympic's "lounge!"

Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003

Yep, only a replica which never left its port would be possible if it was to be done as an exact replica, and even then i'm not sure if all of the modern safety requirements would be sufficiently met - you know how fussy the rules and regulations are with that sort of thing these days.

So it would be a novelty, definitely, and i've no doubt would be hugely popular for a time. But, like all novelties, it would wear off, and eventually become a deserted ship floating in its port with only the occasional group of people on her, as with a few other great passenger liners gone by....

Jan 28, 2003
Have you been to the Mauritania pub in Bristol, Anneliese, which has the panelling from that ship? It's actually rather oppressive, if also quite impressive. How the Victs / Edwardians did love their massive mahogany etc. I once had a wardrobe in herited from my granny. It was about the size of a small cottage, in dark walnut with creaking doors, and not the sort of thing you really wanted to sleep near as it sort of loomed over you.

Captain Pugwash

Hi there,
My twopennysworth here.
At Christmas, my son and I had our Christmas dinner at the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick and I have to tell you that the Olympic lounge was a terrific venue. It was easy to imagine we were on board either the Titanic or the Olympic.
As boring as it might seem. I have to forget the romantic nostalgic notions of building a full size working operable replica of the Titanic for many reasons. Cost, modern health and safety regs., novelty or rather the realistic waning of such etc. etc. I would love to see it happen and work, I doubt however if it would. Glimpses of the ships as we enjoyed at Christmas will have to suffice.

Geoffrey Todd Bennett

I was wondering one day that if we could get all the exhibitors to donate just a small portion of it's proceeds to a "rebuild" Titanic, it would make a fortune. Of course the lower areas where the boilers and engines where located could be used for extra rooms.
I've read that it would cost somewhere in the $400,000,00,range so it would take a lot of door knocking to get this ball rolling.
Then the issue would be where to dock her, or make her a vessel that could be moved around the world for all to enjoy.
I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so I think this would be the best kickoff can't blame me for trying.
Any other's interested in this undertaking. We're talking pocket change for what they're bringing in.

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