Newly weds on Titanic


Bill DeSena

“The most pathetic thing was the scene on board the Carpathia
during the rescue. As each boat drew up the survivors would peer
over, straining to see the face of someone they had left behind.
They were the young brides — everybody on board, of course, had
known they were brides, and they had watched them laughing and
promenading with their husbands.

“The moans of anxiety and disappointment as each boat failed to
bring up those that they were looking for were awful and finally that
awful despair which fell over everyone when we knew there were no
more boats to pick up.

“Still they would not give up hope.

Does anyone know how many newly weds Titanc carried and what their fates where?


“ ‘Are you missing anyone?’ the passengers would ask each other,
never ‘Have you lost anyone?’

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