Newport Titanic First Class Passengers Gilded Age Tour

After reading today's Astor postings it occurs to me there may be some survivor historians who might like to take a guided coach tour of passenger sites from the First Class-Newport is FULL of such venues. The off- season is perfect, rate-wise and Newport is easily accessible by all means of transport- rail to Kingston, R.I., plane to Green Airport Providence, buslines right into Newport, or car, straight up 95 N. I have been offered the peerless services of a Newport Historical Society historian whose SPECIALTY is Titanic First class- and his private tour for me left me SPEECHLESS with his knowledge of Titanic families and society-and that's hard to do after years of coming to know our revered experts in this area. Viking Tours offers a small transport minibus- Newport is tailor-made in all areas for this type of endeavor-and this sort of organizing is what I do best in the world -so if there is interest of 25 people or so at least- I would be happy to arrange this. The hotel where Molly Brown stayed after the tragedy, the summer cottages of the passengers, church memorials and gravesites, and museums (Tennis Hall of Fame) churches (Trinity) and many other little-known places may be visited. The Gilded Age can still be glimpsed in all its glory. So respond and let's see what we can put together-would be great to have representatives from all Titanic Societies here./shelley

A wonderful idea. I spoke with Bob today about the possibility of organizing a New England Titanic gathering in the Spring of 2001. A tour of Titanic related sites would be great and Newport would be the ideal place!

Dear Shelley,

What a splendid idea! Newport is a lovely place. I've been to the Astor home and they do a superb job. I remember so much of that tour from the interesting way in which they present it.

I found your poem very moving. I am truly sorry to hear about your loss.

Thanks, Bonnie. Keeping busy on these ET boards has been great therapy and comfort simce last Friday. It's good to have something to occupy the mind. Well, I am all fired -up now.Organizing nice surprises and little tours make me a REALLY happy camper. Let's get an idea of how many of you are out there. Then I will post the places we can visit-we can get 2 buses if need be- and I have a meeting room which holds 200 at my disposal. So let's sound off and I will get rolling- I am thinking of late March- early April before the peak prices start up and close to the T's anniversary./shell (
Well if nothing else you and I would have a good time! I'm not sure who all lives on the (US) east coast around here. This place seems to be filled with Texans! I bet Maureen would be up for a trip. And if we plant some kind of Titanic passenger papers in the Newport Historical Society we could get Phil Gowan. Plant some officer papers and that takes care of Inger... You get the idea here! LOL!
Seriously I think its a good idea!
Okay, I need to know first of all, will we need to know that stuff about the raising of the titanic and that plutonium P287 space 3 space modulating stuff or does the hotel place a zagnut candy bar on your pillow at night? These are all very important questions if I plan to travel to see you guys.

(he he)
Maureen. sounds like fun.
If I know one thing about "The Boat People" (my spouse's epithet- ) it's that we ALWAYS have a good time wherever we find ourselves. Birds of a feather... And I won't need to plant anything even for Phil M., Brian, The Mikes or Bob Bracken, George or Don- there is MUCH new stuff here and we have the absolute CREAM for a guide-this world is his oyster. Also- this is outlet heavens, girls, and we could just...... (speak with me privately.)I visualize a day to get here and socialize, a day on the road, a few last hurrahs Sunday morning, and back to the grind by Monday. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Sounds wonderful. I love your husband's Boat People. How do I join up?

One of my friends in Fredericksburg Va (she has since moved to a southern mid west state whose name escapes me right now) but her husband alwasy referred to me as what's her name. He was a very sweet man, but when he would leave the area, he would always leave instructions to get what's her name to help you with moving the truck. He trusted me not to hurt his most prize possession in the whole world and yet I was always what;s her name. But when they were about to move, he seemed sad and finally referred to me by name in his good byes with his lovely wife. So the point of this is, the Boat People mean more to him than even he probably knows.
LOL Shelley! My staff refers to my Titanic friends as the boat people too. And you are right about having a good time, those of us who met in NYC had a blast. Outlet shopping - you are a woman after my own heart. Into ships and shopping! Let's set a date!

Well Mo- you have yet to meet He Who Must Be Obeyed-a.k.a. "The Captain"- although you could soften his crusty heart with that cheesecake. The Naval Academy did something to his funnybone I think. But he has built me a boat room and several Titanic models a prize-winning Lusitania, Queen Mary(remember the Entex kit?) and a 32 inch Bismark with props that really turn and is weighted to float and YES we tried it out in our bathtub- and after 30 years I couldn't possibly train ANOTHER man. We'll invite him on the tour and leave him off at the Black Pearl pub.
Your Captain sounds totally wonderful and happy you have his talents at ship model building. I have 4 tall ships (actually one is a schooner) models at home and thought about getting a titanic model, but will have to wait since they are fairly pricey and I have no talent...well no that's wrong..I have no patience to build it.
I look forward to meeting him and willl be happy to make you both a cheesecake when I see you.
Oh DIVINE- now Mo and I can duel with a captive audience! I spoke to Bill Harris today after church and he is busy lining up sights accessible by bus and also walking tour possibilities.We will go to Fall River to the Marine Museum- THS has a display plus the faboo model from the Stanwyck Titanic. Lizzie Borden house can be an option here- I can give you a REAL tour there. (if there's time)- then off for a private tour of Astor's Beechwood and the Breakers with a gift shop to die for. Then we stroll down Bellevue Ave
in our Crepe de Chine and parasols- Bill will dazzle you with who lived where and did what-you will be AMAZED- from Ellen Bird to Molly B. -monuments, gravesites, stained glass.Then off to din-din at LaForge Casino -a tour of the Tennis Hall of Fame where we will see Titanic's tennis pro- then a lecture at the hall- hotel movie time- skits, quizzes and hilarity-and so to bed. That will be on the saturday. If anyone can crawl by Sunday morning I have Plan B. Stay tuned. By the way- I have news that Bill Macquitty is feeling sprightly and in the pink-good news indeed. His pre-movie talk on board the Island Breeze will never be forgotten-and the thrill of watching ANTR with HIM!
Before I know it I'm going to be planning all of my vacations around Titanic get togethers. Bad enough that I already plan them around going to museums and I work at a museum! And oooh Lizzie Borden! So Shel did she or didn't she? I've never been able to make up my mind on that one. In her photos she certainly looks nuts, but then so many people do look nuts in those old photos. You and Maureen can wear the crepe de chine, something tells me I should stick to cotton!