News from 1852: Maiden voyage of the ship Ellen

Mark Baber

MAB note: The Pilkington & Wilson's White Star Line sailing ship Ellen
arrived at Melbourne on her maiden voyage on 18 October 1852.

The Argus, Melbourne, 20 October 1852
Retrieved from the National Library of Australia web site,
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Ship Ellen, October 14, 1852

SIR,-We, the undersigned passengers on board the ship Ellen beg to express
our deepest gratitude for the unexempted kindness which has characterised
your conduct towards us during the prosecution of our voyage from Liverpool
to Melbourne. We have much pleasure in testifying to the readiness[?] with
which you have afforded us every facility for carrying out harmless and
healthful amusements, the promptness with which you have acted in
ministering to our social comforts and the skill and assiduity displayed by
you in the faithful discharge of all those duties which have devolved upon
you as Captain of the ship; we would also particularly express our gratitude
for the privileges accorded to the intermediate passengers, in allowing them
the unrestricted use of the decks, and to which cause we believe, has been
mainly attributed the good health and cheerfulness of all on board. We can
only hope that all those who may follow us to the shores of foreign climes
may be equally fortunate in being entrusted to a Captain equally worthy of
their esteem.

We would also tender our thanks to all the officers and crew of the ship for
their general civility, and a manifestation of a wish at all times to

Signed by 280 [?] passengers.