News from 1871 Maiden Voyage of Baltic I

Mark Baber

Dec 29, 2000
The New-York Times, 25 September 1871

The Steam-ship Baltic---A Fast and Successful Voyage
The steam-ship Baltic, the third installment of the fleet of the White
Star line, arrived in our waters for the first time at an early hour
yesterday morning. The Baltic left Queenstown [sic; should probably be
"Liverpool"] on the afternoon of the 14th inst., and during the passage
steamed only at moderate speed in order to avoid the troubles always
attendant on the machinery of a new vessel; nevertheless, her passage is
one of the fastest to the westward ever made, being accomplished in
eight days nineteen hours---mean time---and those on board feel
confident that she will prove of equal, if not of greater, speed than
that of any steamer crossing the Atlantic. The hull of the Baltic is
similar to that of her sisters, the Oceanic and Atlantic, but in the rig
and general fittings several improvements are noticed. Capt. MURRAY,
the White Star Commodore, again introduces this new vessel to the trade,
and at meetings held on board previous to her arrival, was presented
with a series of resolutions from both saloon ands steerage passengers,
highly commendatory of the steamer and its management. After a voyage
or two on the Baltic, Capt. MURRAY will take charge of the Republic,
which is now being rapidly completed at Belfast. Capt. KENNEDY, who is
at present acting as chief officer, will take command of the Baltic.


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