News from 1873 First New York Arrival of Gaelic I

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Mark Baber

On 22 July 1873, Gaelic I made her first New York arrival,
six months after her maiden voyage in White Star's South American
service. This story appeared the next day.

The New York Times, 23 July 1873

The White Star steam-ship Gaelic, Capt. John W. Jennings, which left
Liverpool on July 10, arrived at this port yesterday. The Gaelic was
built for the South American trade, and she has made a few trips from
Liverpool to Valparaiso. She is a freight vessel of 2,651 tons burden,
and has but small accommodation for passengers. She was sent out to
supply the place of the Republic in carrying the weekly mails to
Liverpool on Saturdays. It will be remembered that a month or two ago
the Republic met with a serious accident, which caused her to lay up for
repairs. The loss of the Atlantic and the accident to the Republic
caused the White Star line to fail in carrying the mails, on July 21.
The Republic is now nearly fully repaired, and is advertised to take her
usual place of sailing on Aug. 14, from Liverpool. The Gaelic will
leave this port on Saturday next with the mails.

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