News from 1883 The Launch of Doric I

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
Doric I was launched on 10 March 1883. Although not stated in this article, she was intended for the White Star/Shaw, Savill & Albion joint service to New Zealand, not the North Atlantic. Nonetheless, her birth attracted some attention in New York, a place that, as far as I can determine, she never visited.

The New-York Times, 26 March 1883

The Doric, another new steam-ship of the White Star Line, was recently launched in the yard of Harland & Wolff, at Belfast, Ireland. Her general build is similar to that of the other vessels of the White Star fleet. She has four steel masts, three of which will be square rigged. The dimensions of the Doric are: Length, 440 feet; breadth of beam, 44 feet, and depth of hold, 32 feet. Her gross register is 5,000 tons. The hull is divided into eight water-tight compartments, and is built of mild steel, the ductile quality of which insures the greatest strength and durability. The saloon is forward of the engines, where the motion of the ship will be scarcely felt. A handsome companionway with bronze and mahogany balustrades leads from the entrance hall on the upper deck to the dining saloon. The latter will be artistically decorated. The panelings will resemble embossed leather, and the sofas will be upholstered with a subdued shade of velvet. Near the saloon are the ladies' cabin and the smoking-room, both of which will be handsomely furnished and decorated. The state-rooms are large and airy, and will contain every facility for comfort. Electric lamps will be used will be used throughout the vessel. The between-decks are well lighted and ventilated, and the steerage will be divided into three compartments, each of which will be provided with a hospital. In addition to these there will be two hospitals for infectious cases on deck. A novel feature of the steerage of the Doric will be a pantry, where the passengers will be supplied with tea and coffee made on the same principle as in the saloon. The women who prefer to make their own tea will be supplied with all the necessary facilities for that purpose. The whole upper deck will be used as a promenade by the immigrants. The hurricane deck will be reserved for saloon passengers. Eight large life-boats will hang in davits along the upper decks, and two large life-rafts will be stowed on the deck-houses forward. The Doric has two double-cylindered engines of 500-horse power, the steam for which will be supplied by three elliptical boilers, which will work at a pressure of 90 pounds to the square inch. The crank shafts are of steel, and are so constructed that the danger of a break-down will be only slight. The engines are separate, and can be disconnected in a very short time. The Doric is supplied with all of the newest steam appliances for steering, working the fire pumps, with which the vessel is well supplied, heaving the ashes, &c. At the extreme forward and after ends of the ship are turtle-back decks.


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