News from 1885 First White StarShaw Savill sailing of Doric I

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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
MAB Notes: 1. This article refers to Doric's first New Zealand arrival for
the White Star/Shaw Savill joint service, but she had already been in
service for about a year and a half, on charter to the New Zealand Shipping
Co. 2. Other New Zealand newspapers of the day give the number of
"Government immigrants" as 241, rather than the 141 shown here. 3.
Anderson's White Star says that JBI went to New Zealand on Ionic I on her
maiden voyage in 1883, but I can find no mention of him in the New Zealand
reports of Ionic's arrival and the list of Ismay's ocean voyages in Oldham's
The Ismay Line shows him traveling to New Zealand only on this trip on
Doric. Based on that, I now believe that Anderson is mistaken.

The Star, Christchurch, New Zealand, 24 February 1885
Retrieved from the National Library of New Zealand web site

Auckland, Feb. 23
The Doric, S.S., Captain Jennings, arrived this evening. Left London Jan. 5
and Plymouth Jan. 8. Had fine weather to Teneriffe, arriving at 8a.m. Jan.
13. Delayed there 22 hours coaling. Left at 6 a.m. Jan. 14. Generally the
passage throughout was remarkably fine, Tasmania being made, including
detention at Teneriffe, in 39 days 14 hours 22 minutes. The best day's work
was 343 miles, and the worst 258. From Hobart similar fine weather was
picked up. During the voyage two deaths occurred, the first an infant three
months old, and the second Robert Ford, a married Government immigrant, who
had been under medical treatment from time of coming on board. There was one
birth. The Doric brings 4000 tons of cargo, 3000 measurement, the rest dead
weight. Amongst the passengers are a number of ladies and gentlemen making
the round trip in the ship. They include Lieutenant-Colonel Gamble, Mr
Woolf, [sic] of the firm of Harland and Woolf, [sic] builders of the Doric,
Mr Haddock, merchant, of Liverpool, and Mr Ismay, son of the manager of the
White Star Line, by whom the Doric is owned. There are 114 Government
immigrants, all for Auckland, under Dr Bantham, late of the ship Rangitikei,
all well. The officers are the same as on the previous voyage, excepting the
engineer, who resigned at Home. The discharge of cargo has been commenced,
and it is expected the steamer will get away on Friday for the South.

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