News from 1889: Oceanic I sets a record

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
Daily Alta California, San Francisco, 12 November 1889
Retrieved from the California Digital Newspaper Collection web site,

A Passage From Yokohama Made in 13 Days and 14 Hours

The steamship Oceanic, which also arrived in port yesterday, made the trip
from Yokohama in thirteen days, fourteen hours and six minutes, the time of
arrival being taken as usual when she passed the whistling buoy at the bar.
This remarkably fast time is several hours ahead of the fastest time
previously made by any steamship running from China to this port. The Gaelic
established the record when she made the voyage in fifteen days and eighteen
hours; but some time later the Arabic, which has the reputation of being the
fastest steamer on the Occidental and Oriental route, made the trip in
thirteen days and twenty hours. The Captain, as well as the other members of
the crew of the Oceanic, feel highly elated over the quick time made.
Favorable weather was experienced by the vessel all the way across, but,
notwithstanding this fact, the members of the crew are inclined to think
that the Oceanic can yet beat this remarkably fast time. Among those who
arrived on the Oceanic were General J. D. Kennedy of South Carolina, who has
for some years been United States Consul at Shanghai, and George T. Marsh,
who formerly conducted the Ichi-Ban establishment in this city. There were
also ninety Chinese aboard, fifty-four of whom are destined for this city,
three for Honolulu, twelve for Guaymas, six for Mazatlan, one for La
Libertad, and fourteen for Panama. Of those destined for this city,
forty-two --- twelve women and thirty men --- are without papers. Of the
remaining twelve, eight had Chinese merchants' certificates and four were
provided with Chinese Consular certificates.


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