News from 1892: Launch of Bovic


Mark Baber

Staff member
The Times, 29 June 1892

LAUNCH OF A STEAMER AT BELFAST---Yesterday a further addition was made
to the fleet of the White Star Line by the launch of the large cargo
steamer Bovic at the shipbuilding-yard of Messrs. Harland and Wolff,
Belfast. The Bovic is in every respect a sister ship to the Naronic,
which was launched last month at the same yard. She will have two sets
of triple expansion engines driving twin screws, and a length of 470ft.,
breadth 53ft., depth of hold 35-6ft and a gross registered tonnage of
about 6,000 will make her and the Naronic the largest freight steamers
afloat. These are the first two steamers that have been built in
accordance with the recommendations of the committee appointed by the
President of the Board of Trade in 1890 to consider and report upon the
spacing and construction of water-tight bulkheads in merchant steamers.
The Bovic will be fitted to carry about 1,050 cattle on her upper main
decks, and she will also have very special accommodations for horses
amidships. On leaving her builders' hands the Bovic will, with the
Naronic which is now rapidly approaching completion, take her place in
the freight service of tho White Star Line between Liverpool and New
York. These two steamers combined with the Nomadic, Tauric, Cufic, and
Runic, will then begin a regular weekly sailing from Liverpool every
Friday and from New York every Tuesday.