News from 1893: Launch of Cevic


Mark Baber

Staff member
MAB Note: "Saturday" was 23 September

The Times, 25 September 1893

The construction in recent years for the Atlantic passenger trade of
swift, high-powered steamer possessing necessarily small cargo carrying
capacity, has given rise to the building of steamers for the sole
conveyance of cargo and live stock, and the number of these steamers
employed between England and the northern ports of the United States is
steadily on the increase. The White Star Line has formed an entire fleet
of very large steamers, for their cargo and live stock service between
Liverpool and New-York, the majority of which are fitted with
twin-screws. A new twin-screw steamer, which is by far the largest
freight steamer in the world, was launched on Saturday from the yard of
Messrs. Harland and Wolff, at Queen's Island, Belfast, and is intended,
on completion, to take her place in the White Star cargo fleet. This
vessel, which is named the Cevic---signifying her relationship to the
Bovic, Tauric, and Nomadic---is of the following dimensions:---length
500ft., breadth 60ft., depth 38ft., estimated registered tonnage 8,315
gross, 5,335 net, total capacity of holds 14,089 tons. She will be
fitted for the accommodation of 800 head of cattle on the upper and
bridge decks, and will in addition have permanent stalls for 20 horses
in the centre of the upper deck. The Cevic will be fitted with two
complete sets of triple-expansion engines driving separate propellers,
so that the chances of total breakdown will be reduced to a minimum, and
every improvement that can be devised in respect of ventilation, fresh
water supply, &c., conducive to the safe carriage of horses and live
stock will be provided.