News from 1895 Obituary of Sir Edward Harland

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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
The Times (London), 25 December 1895


Sir Edward James Harland, Bart., M. P. for North Belfast, died suddenly
yesterday morning at his residence, Glenfarne-hall, Enniskillen. He was
found dead in bed. Except for a chill which confined him to bed for a
day a fortnight ago, he had not been ailing lately; indeed, he had never
been known to be ill. He had a light and elastic step, and appeared
full of energy. He came to Belfast as manager of the then small
shipyard on the Queen's Island 41 years ago. His father was a medical
man in Scarborough. Sir Edward served his time at the great works
of Stephenson and co., Newcastle-on-Tyne, and there became an engineer.
He was a self-made man, characteristically energetic and self-reliant.
The famous White Star liners constructed by him and his firm were first
designed by himself on the model of a fish swimming through the water.
Sir Edward was for several years chairman of the Belfast Harbour board,
and twice mayor, during which time he entertained the Prince and
Princess of Wales and the Duke of Connaught. In 1889 he was elected
without opposition member for the Northern Division of Belfast on the
death of Sir William Ewart, and was returned unopposed in 1892 and 1895.
In 1860 he married Miss Rosa Wann, of Vermont, Belfast. He was
generally popular and even beloved. His familiar presence in Belfast
will be much missed. The news of his death yesterday threw a cloud
over the city. Sir Edward Harland leaves no heir to the baronetcy.

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