Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
The San Francisco Call, 9 September 1905
Retrieved from the California Digital Newspaper Collection web site

Purser of Liner Coptic Has Enough Nickels to Wear Out a New Slot Machine
Son of Eastern Millionaire Settles Dog Freight and Bar Bill in Small Coin
There is a shortage of nickels in Honolulu, and Purser Charles Thorn of the
liner Doric has more of the 5-cent tokens than any purser on any Pacific
liner ever before had in his custody at one time. It all came about because
Thorn rubbed the son of a millionaire the wrong way.

E. L. Fanshawe was born in New York City of rich parents. He cut his teeth
on a golden spoon and trod a gilded pathway to young manhood. About a year
ago Young Fanshawe, with four other sons of wealthy Eastern families,
started out to tour the Orient. They returned yesterday on the Doric.

At Hongkong Fanshawe bought two Japanese pugs of high degree, and they came
on board the Doric with the Fanshawe baggage. The dogs were placed in the
care of the butcher and settled down to enjoy the voyage across the Pacific.
The fare of the two dogs on the Doric from Hongkong to San Francisco
amounted to $25. A few days out of port Purser Thorn asked Fanshawe to
settle up for the dogs so comfortably settled down under the butcher's care.

"All right, purser," said Fanshawe. "I have no money now, but will pay you
when we reach Honolulu, where I can get some more."

Thorn demurred.

"No use making a fuss," protested Fanshawe. "I have no money with me, but
will be able to draw on my letter of credit at Honolulu."

Thorn still protested, and during the trip is said to have made Fanshawe's
life miserable by dilating [sic] on the inconvenience caused by Fanshawe's
unsettled freight bill. It kept his books open, he said, and was not
regular, and, how did he know that Fanshawe could get the money at Honolulu.

To all of Thorn's protests Fanshawe returned the answer, "I will pay you at

Fanshawe's friends wearied of the purser's refrain and offered to pay Thorn.
This Fanshawe would not allow.

"I will pay him at Honolulu."

At Honolulu Fanshawe went ashore taking with him a dress suit case. A few
hours later he returned to the ship, perspiring but happy. He went direct to
Thorn's office.

"Now, purser, give me that freight receipt and my wine chips and I'll settle
the whole business. I had a hard time getting it. but 1 said I would do it,
and I got it."

"Sixty-four dollars altogether," said Thorn, handing Fanshawe his receipts.

"All right. I think you'll find that all right," and Fanshawe opened his
suit ease and poured 1280 nickels on the purser's desk.

"And he troubled me no more," said Fanshawe yesterday.

The dogs, however, are quarantined on Angel Island because Fanshawe lost
their bill of health, and deportation or chloroform may await them in the
near future.