News from 1899: Persic enters service

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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
The Times, 20 November 1899

NEW WHITE STAR LINER---The new White Star steamship Persic has arrived
in the Mersey from Messrs. Harland and Wolff's yard at Belfast. The
Persic is in all respects similar to her sister ships the Afric and
Medic. Her dimensions are:-Length between perpendiculars, 550ft.;
breadth, 63ft.; depth, 44ft.; gross tonnage, 11.984 tons. In the Persic
and her four sister ships, including the Runic and Suevic to be launched
next year, accommodation of an exceptional character has been provided
for 350 passengers, embracing comfortable reading, smoking, and dining
rooms, and excellent baths and lavatories. The engines are four crank
vertical quadruple expansion type, balanced on the Schlick system, and
drive twin propellers. The Persic is appointed to sail from Liverpool on
her first voyage on Thursday, December 7. She makes the seventeenth
steamer in the White Star fleet propelled by twin screws, which
constitute so great an element of safety in ocean transit, and
especially on long voyages and less frequented routes like these to the
Australasian colonies.

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