News from 1899: Tauric rescues a steam dredger's crew


Mark Baber

Staff member
The Times, 7 February 1899

Captain Clark, of the White Star cargo steamer Tauric, which arrived in the
Mersey yesterday from New York, reported that on Saturday he sighted a small
vessel flying signals of distress. She proved to be the steam-dredger
Alexander Golo Vatcheff, 210 tons, bound from Glasgow for Odessa, having
been built on the Clyde for the Russian Government. Her captain reported
that the man shaft was broken, and that the vessel was utterly helpless and
half full of water. The Tauric's lifeboat was launched, but with the heavy
swell running was unable to get alongside. The crew of 18, however, were
all hauled safely on board the lifeboat by mean of ropes and conveyed to the