News from 1900: Suevic's launch

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Mark Baber

The Times, 10 December 1900

LAUNCH OF A WHITE STAR LINER---The Suevic, a steamer intended to
complete the White Star Australian fleet was launched on Saturday from
the yard of Messrs. Harland and Wolff, of Belfast. The Suevic is
identical in dimensions and tonnage with the Runic, which was launched
in October and which is to be despatched on her first voyage on January
3. She has a length of 565ft., a breadth of 64ft, and a gross tonnage of
12,400 tons. As in the case of the other vessels of the fleet, her great
width has rendered it possible to provide light and roomy cabins, with
ample bath and lavatory arrangements. The dining room is capable of
seating 400 persons, and there are comfortable reading and smoking
rooms. The Suevic will be fitted with refrigerated capacity for 100,000
carcases of mutton, and in addition will be able to carry 20,000 bales
of wool. The addition of the Suevic will bring up the total tonnage of
the White Star Line engaged in the trades between Great Britain and the
colonies Australia and New Zealand to 80,000 tons.

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