News (?) from 1904: JBI denounces fishing

Mark Baber

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MAB note: As always, I do not vouch for the accuracy of what's reported in this article, only that this is in fact what was reported.

The Los Angeles Herald, 20 April 1904
Retrieved from the California Digital Newspaper Collection web site,
California Digital Newspaper Collection

A Word to Fishermen

J. Bruce Ismay, the new president of the International Mercantile Marine
company, is averse to fishing, which he regards as a cruel sport.

Mr. Ismay was condemning fishing one day. "Suppose," he said quaintly, "that
some superior being---a Martian or a resident of the moon---should bait a
hook with pheasant and go Ismaying. I'm sure I'd bite, and what a sight I'd
make dangling in the air."



I don't think your comment makes much basis [by today's standards] and this does nothing to save his cowardly reputation [yes, I still think he would be better placing other passengers on Collapsible C, such as the Abbotts].

I was by no means trying to defend or attack his reputation. I just find it kind of funny and interesting because I never knew this about Ismay. Also, I don't know what was cowardly about helping many passengers into lifeboats during the sinking and then boarding Collapsible C when Murdoch allowed men into it.