News from 1904: Retirement of Superintendent Engineer Horsburgh

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
The Advertiser, Adelaide, 5 November 1904
Retrieved from the National Library of Australia web site,

One of the most famous engineers connected with Liverpool's maritime trade
is about to retire. This is Mr. Stewart Gordon Horsburgh,
superintendent-engineer to the White Star line, a position he has held since
1871. During that time he has seen all the great White Star ships built, and
has been familiar with two series of Oceanics, Baltics, and Republics. The
old Oceanic was of 3,800 tons, while the modern one is 17,000 tons; the
first Baltic was likewise 3,800 tons, the present is 23,875 tons; the
original Republic was also 3,800 tons, and the present one 15,375 tons. The
immunity which the White Star line vessels have had from accident may be due
to a great extent to Mr. Horsburgh, who by elaborate experiments, tests,
&c., has succeeded in avoiding all breakdowns.