News from 1905: Blair returns to England from the Pacific

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
MAB note: The "J. Blair" referred to here, is in fact David Blair,
who served as fourth, then third and finally second officer on Doric from 1902,
according to his White Star officer record.

The San Francisco Call, 22 June 1905
Retrieved from the California Digital Newspaper Collection web site,
California Digital Newspaper Collection

Going Home to England

J. Blair, second officer of the White Star liner Doric, has been detached at
his own request and ordered home to England, where he will be assigned for
duty on one of the company's other and larger ships. H. Howe, who formerly
was on the Gaelic, will succeed Blair on the Doric. Blair is well liked in
the service out here and on the Doric has established a reputation for
conscientious attention to duty and loyalty to the interests of the White
Star Line. It is not dislike of the Pacific Ocean trade or of the people
with whom he has been thrown into contact while out here that induced Blair
to apply for a transfer, but he loves more the girl he left behind him, a
rosy-cheeked English lass, who has promised to marry him when he reaches the
tight little island. So for Blair it is he for England, home and beauty.


J Burdette

Dec 30, 2011
And so he and the rosy-cheeked English lass were married 1905-6 according to the 1911 census return filled out by Madeline. Thank you for sharing this, Mark, very interesting.

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