News from 1906 Death of William Imrie

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Mark Baber

[MAB Note: 1. William Imrie died on Monday, 6 August 1906. The following articles appeared in The Times in the months that followed. 2. I know next to nothing about the Asiatic Steam Navigation Co., or its relationship to White Star, except that Bruce Ismay was also its Chairman for a time.]

The Times (London), 10 August 1906

The death occurred on Monday evening, at his residence, Holmstead,
Mossley Hill, Liverpool, of Mr. WILLIAM IMRIE, who was prominently
associated with the late Mr. Thomas Ismay in building up the White Star
Line. Mr. Imrie joined Mr. Ismay in 1870, and the firm then became
Ismay, Imrie, and Co., the name it bears today. Previously Mr. Imrie
was largely interested in sailing vessels trading to the East, and on
becoming associated with the White Star Line he took over the entire
management of that firm's sailing ship department. He was also chairman
of the Asiatic Steam Navigation Company. He retired from business in
1902. Mr. Imrie could never be prevailed upon to take any active part
in public affairs, but he was a prominent member of St. Margaret's
Church, Prince's-road, and was a liberal supporter of all institutions
connected with the Church. His benefactions were of a varied and
liberal character. He was born at Bootle, near Liverpool, and was 69
years of age.
The Times (London), 16 August 1906

WILLS AND BEQUESTS---The Liverpool Courier states that under the will of
the late Mr. WILLIAM IMRIE, of Ismay, Imrie and Co., owners of the White
Star Line, several Liverpool institutions benefit largely. It is
understood that Mr. Imrie left £300,000, the interest on which he
bequeaths to his young daughter for life. The residue of the estate at
her death will be allocated as follows: ---£100,000 to the Liverpool
Cathedral fund, £50,000 each to the Liverpool Seamen's Orphanage and the
Homes for Aged Mariners at Egremont, and the remainder to be divided
between other Liverpool charities and institutions. [Balance of
article, relating to other wills and bequests, deleted.]
The Times (London), 15 October 1906

Mr. William Imrie, of Holmstead, Liverpool, and late of the firm of
Ismay, Imrie, and Co., of the White Star line, who left by his will
£264,378 in net personalty, and the gross value of the whole of his
estate has been entered at £278, 472, bequeathed to his niece and
adopted daughter, Miss Amy Elizabeth Rosalie Imrie, of Holmstead,
£10,000, his household effects, and, during her life, certain pictures
which, after her death, are to be offered to the National gallery, the
Tate Gallery, the Walker Art Gallery, and the Seamen's Orphanage. Miss
Imrie is to have the income from the residuary estate during her life,
with power of appointment of £50,000 thereof in favor of her issue, and,
subject to her interest, the testator, as already announced in The
Times, left the ultimate residue of his estate in truest, as to
one-third for the Liverpool Cathedral, as to one-third for the William
Imrie Liverpool Clerks' Benevolent Fund, and as to one-third for the
Seamen's Pension Fund, the Seamen's Orphan Institution, the Northern,
Southern and Stanley Hospitals, and the Royal Infirmary.

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