News from 1907: Baltic aground on New Jersey---or not

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Mark Baber

The New York Times, 23 November 1907

Big White Star Steamer Aground for an Hour, but Floats Off
In fog yesterday afternoon the White Star liner Baltic ran her bow onto
the outer bar off Allenhurst, N. J. Capt. Ransom dropped anchor and
ordered full speed astern. In about an hour the Baltic sheered off, and
got clear in time to precede the Mauretania through the Ambrose Channel.
When it was seen from the shore that the liner was aground the
life savers from the Loch Arbor station gathered on the beach, but their
services were not required. In addition to her 400 cabin passengers, 401
steerage passengers. and malls, the Baltic brought $8,750,000 in gold.

On his arrival at the pier Purser Palmer received a letter from a
Swedish-American farmer in the West who had read of the 1,000 young
women brought over by the Baltic on a previous voyage. This is the

"Goldfield, Oct. 27, 1907.

"Mr. Palmer Porser Liner Baltic.

"Ser: having obteind your adress from Neuwspapers in collection whet the
areival of the 1000 and two deseireble Gerels to this coutry. We in the
west do not have oppertunety to mac acveintens whet suche arivels. But
necst time aven Emigrants of that ceind are comming on your Liner--Then
well you cendly let them see thes letter. I deseir to Mary a womman
wheat a litle Mony who is willng to live on a farm Two Mils from the
Toun af Fallon, Nevada. I am a Singelman hver the meddal adgs, hard
worker, linent dispotition, and no bad habits, a good mecanic
(carpenter) and have one of the best farm under the great Guvernement
Erigatlon project at Fallon Nevada. The Setlement is new, but as the
land is proven to he forst clas the Farms will in few yars be worth
tousends. Hazen leis Est of Rino. change car at Hazen for Fallon 16
Mils.---Hotele Churcele Fallon. Adres O. Eriksen P. O. Fallon Nevada."

Among the passengers on the Baltic, were Mr. and Mrs. W. Bayard Cutting,
G. B. Bruce Webster, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Fraser, Capt. J. E. Blake
Loftus, Mrs. P. L. Van Rensselaer, Miss M. L. Willard, Mrs.
Leyborne-Popham, Mrs. George P. Holman, John Clinton Gray, and Dr. J. F.


Mark Baber

The New York Times, 24 November 1907

Ship's Officers Contradict Jersey Life Savers' Observations In the Fog
Whatever was the name of the steamer that bumped the Jersey shore near
the outer bar in the dense fog of Friday morning, it was not the Baltic
of the White Star Line, so officers say. The Jersey life savers thought
it was the Baltic they saw.

One of the officers of the Baltic said yesterday that she was never near
the Jersey shore on Friday at any time. She approached the Sandy Hook
Lightship from the north side and passed between the lightship and the
Mauretania, which was at anchor. The pilot cutter was over a little to
the south side and the Baltic went toward her to pick up the pilot.

While she was doing this the Mauretania heaved up anchor and slipped
into the Ambrose Channel just ahead of the Baltic, but the latter got
away first from the Quarantine station and led up the North River to her
pier off West Tenth Street.

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