News from 1908: Megantic's launch

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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
The Times, 11 December 1908

In the presence of a large gathering of spectators Messrs. Harland and
Wolff to-day launched the steamship Megantic, sister ship to the
Laurentic, and the latest addition to the White Star Dominion fleet.
Notwithstanding the fact that the vessel had on the stocks a dead weight
of almost 8,000 tons, the arrangements were so admirably made for keeling
her off the granite wall on the opposite side of Abercorn Basin that she
was pulled up in a space of 15ft. outside the stern end of the slip by
means of the looped heavy cables attached to the shore anchors, which
were weighted down by many tons of loose cable. Although a similar ship
to the Laurentic in every other respect, the Megantic is a twin-screw,
whereas the Laurentic is a triple-screw steamer. These vessels,
therefore, although exactly similar in their appointments, will each
represent a distinct principle in marine propulsion. The Megantic will
stand for the highest perfection of the twin-screw "balanced"
reciprocating engine, while in the Laurentic the combination of
reciprocating engines and low-pressure turbine has been introduced.
Special interest is being manifested in these two vessels, as they
signalize the entry of the White Star Line into the Canadian trade, a
development to which those interested in the commercial relations
between the Mother Country and the Dominion are eagerly looking forward,
anticipating that the successful achievements of this well-known company
in the New York and other important trades will be repeated on the St.
Lawrence route. The Megantic and Laurentic will be the largest vessels
in the Canadian trade, being 565ft. long by 67ft. 4in. beam, and about
15,000 tons gross. They are designed to carry a large quantity of cargo,
also a full complement of passengers---about 260 first class, 430 second
class, and over 1,000 third class.

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