News from 1909: General description of Megantic

Mark Baber

The Gazette, Montreal, 8 June 1909
Retrieved from Google News

White Star-Dominion Line R.M.S. Megantic Has Satisfactory Trial

The R.M.S. twin-screw steamer Megantic, of the White Star-Dominion line,
sister ship to the Laurentic, which, however, has the combination of
reciprocating engines and turbine, made her trial trip on Friday last, the
result of which is reported to be satisfactory. She afterwards proceeded to
Liverpool, whence she will sail on Thursday, 17th inst., on her first voyage
to Montreal. Like the Laurentic, the Megantic was built by Messrs. Harland
& Wolff, Limited, at Belfast.

The Megantic and Laurentic are the largest vessels in the Canadian trade,
being 565 feet long and about 15,000 tons. The new vessel is designed to
carry a large complement of passengers---about 260 first class, 430 second
class, and over 1,000 third class. The passenger accommodation has been
carefully arranged, as [sic; should be "and"?] is in every way up to the
White Star standards. The entrances and public rooms, as well as the
staterooms, will be admired not only for their artistic decoration, but also
their height and roominess. In addition to the general comfort ensured by
the luxurious appointments and spacious character of the rooms and
promenades, every other possible provision has been made, and many popular
devices adopted to enhance the comfort and pleasure of the passengers.

The luxuries supplied in the Megantic are on a generous scale. Each first
class stateroom is fitted with a portable electric reading lamp, in addition
to the ordinary fixed lamps; there is a complete system of electric bells
throughout the first and second class accommodation, and there is an
electric passenger elevator between the saloon and upper promenade decks.
Each first class stateroom is furnished with a wardrobe, a chest of drawers,
and a handsome double folding lavatory. All upper beds in these staterooms
on the lower promenade deck are Pullman or folding beds; and in a number of
the rooms on this deck, and also in the suite rooms, there is an extra wide
bed, four feet in width. Full length mirrors form a feature in the suite
rooms, which are specially decorated.

The second class staterooms, which are similarly fitted to those for first
class voyagers, are arranged for four and two persons. The first class
staterooms are situated in a deck-house on the lower promenade deck, and
also forward on the shelter deck. There are a number of cabins en suite,
with private bathroom and lavatory adjoining each suite. These staterooms
are upholstered in blue moquette, the decoration consisting of small white
panelling and the ceiling is of lincrusta, all white.

The principal feature in the decoration is the treatment of the chief public
rooms in the vessel, namely, the first class dining saloon, the reading
room, the lounge, and the smokeroom. The first class dining saloon is a
handsome apartment. Situated on the saloon deck, it extends the full width
of the ship. It is exceptionally lofty and airy, and contains seating
accommodation for 212 people. It is panelled in the stately fashion of the
time of Charles II., and is painted chastely and simply with a delicate and
ivory-like white. This room has the popular "well" arrangement overhead,
with verandah for the bandstand, and the tables are arranged on the
restaurant principle. Over the vertical sliding sidelights are handsome iron
grilles and leaded lights---a useful and artistic combination, ensuring
fresh sea air without draughts.

On the upper promenade deck is the reading room. a charming apartment. The
walls are decorated in the Adam style, with delicate ornaments in low
relief. The floor is parquetry. The furniture is inlaid birch; the carpet
is crimson Alexander, and the large mullioned windows complete the artistic
character and symmetrical beauty of the room.

The second class staterooms are on the shelter deck, and the saloon on the
middle deck---a very fine apartment, extending the whole width of the ship,
to seat 264. The second class library is on the lower promenade deck and
the smokeroom on the upper promenade deck---both elegant apartments,
tastefully decorated in polished hardwood.