News from 1911 Gothic takes 1500 emigrants to Australia

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MAB Note: The following may (or may not) be related to the discussion of Gothic and the Aberdeen White Star Line which appears in this thread.

The Times, 23 October 1911

EMIGRATION TO VICTORIA-The S.S. Gothic left Tilbury on Saturday with a
party of 1,500 emigrants for the State of Victoria, Australia. It is less
than 12 months since Victoria entered into the active campaign for
attracting emigrants, yet already the emigration under the Government's
assisted schemes have increased to the rate of 15,000 per annum, while the
total accessions to the State's population from other migration sources have
reached a rate of double that figure. Every passenger steamer going to
Australia at the present time is crowded to her fullest capacity. The Gothic
is one of the vessels chartered for the Victorian Government through the
agency of Messrs. Geo. Thompson and Co., of the Aberdeen Line, and takes the
largest contingent of emigrants that has ever sailed for Victoria in one
boat, and the largest that has ever sailed for any Australian State.
Victoria at the present time is especially anxious to settle her irrigation
lands. There is at present a supply of water sufficient to irrigate one
million acres. The Government is offering the land to new settlers on easy
terms which enable the settler to acquire the freehold by very small
payments extending over 31 years. There is a great demand for agricultural
labour, for female domestic labour, building artisans, and skilled workers
in the iron and other industries, and female factory operatives.

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