News from 1913: Capt. Sealby becomes an admiralty lawyer

Mark Baber

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The San Francisco Call, 25 February 1913
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Captain I. Sealby, Who Commanded Republic, Will Make Home Here
Captain I. Sealby, who commanded the White Star liner Republic, which sank
in January, 1909, after being rammed by the Lloyd-Italiano liner Florida
during a heavy fog 26 miles south of the Nantucket lightship, has come to
San Francisco to practice admiralty law.

This veteran of the sea, who, true to the best maritime traditions, stayed
with his ship until the last and only consented to leave when it was certain
it would sink and every one else had been taken off, after being exonerated
o£ all blame for the collision by the British board of trade, entered the
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and began a three year course of law.

Captain Sealby was graduated last fall, and plans to begin at the bottom
once more and if determination and a thorough knowledge of a profession
count for anything he will rise quickly to the top. He is 47 years old. He
ranked as a "topnotcher" in marine circles.

At the Transportation club yesterday Captain Sealby was the center of a
gathering of admiring friends, most of them skippers of vessels plying in
the Pacific ocean.

"I have come to San Francisco to begin the practice of law because I feel
that there is an excellent field for a lawyer specializing in admiralty law.
I'm starting: at the bottom and am not making any bones about it. I don't
want people to gather the impression that I'm rushing in here to take the
place by storm, for the truth is I'm a 'new' lawyer. Naturally my nautical
lore should prove an advantage."

Captain Sealby is visiting at the home of Captain John Leale, 2475 Pacific
avenue. Fourteen years ago he made his home in San Francisco while in
command of the Coptic of the Pacific Mail line and for several years he
piloted that boat between here and the orient.


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