News from 1913: Career of Capt. Lobez

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
The Press, Christchurch, 24 January 1913
Retrieved from the National Library of New Zealand web site,
Papers Past


The many friends in New Zealand of Captain R. Lobez, who last visited the
Dominion as chief officer of the White Star liner Gothic, will be pleased to
hear of his advancement to an important post. The London "Shipping Gazette,"
of December 13th, states that Captain Raphael Lobez, R.N.Z., [sic] who has
recently been appointed marine superintendent at Queenstown to the White
Star and American Lines, has long been associated with the various services
of the former steamship concern. He served his apprenticeship on the
sailing ship Matterhorn, and subsequently was second mate of the sailer
Haddon Hall. Joining the White Star Line in 1897, he was appointed fourth
officer of the Coptic, and he continued in her for a period of ten years,
ultimately being appointed in command. He traded to San Francisco, China,
and Japan. Returning to Liverpool he was transferred as chief officer to the
Gothic, in which ship he made two voyages. Then he went in the company's New
Zealand service, after which he was appointed in the same position to the
Arabic. In the latter liner he spent nine months running in the North
Atlantic service to New York. He was appointed to the command of the Romanic
in 1908, and after making a couple of voyages he was transferred to the
Boric [sic; should be "Bovic"] for one voyage and then to the Teutonic.
Afterwards he commanded the Medic on the Australian route, and subsequently
assumed command of the Cretic in the Mediterranean service.