News from 1913: Death of John Inman Sealby

Mark Baber

Staff member
MAB notes: 1. John Sealby and Mary Inman Sealby were the maternal
grandparents of Thomas Ismay and the paternal grandparents of John Inman
Sealby. 2, John Inman Sealby's brother Joseph was the father of White Star
commander Inman Sealby.

The Times, 8 February 1913

The funeral took place at Maryport yesterday of Mr. John Inman Sealby, who
died on Tuesday at Thornthwaite, Keswick, aged 84.

A native of Maryport, he was a cousin of Mr. Thomas Henry Ismay, with whom
he was associated in the founding of the White Star Line. He retired on the
company's amalgamation with the American lines, and went to live in the
Vale of Keswick. Mr. Sealby earned the lasting gratitude of the inhabitants,
and particularly of the Church people, for the energy and generous sympathy
with which in the short space of eight years he took a large share in
securing for the parish a new water supply, a much needed chapel of ease, a
new vicarage, a new church day school, and the raising of the value of the
benefice from £127 to £200 a year.