News from 1913 ISMAY IS TO QUIT


Mark Baber

Staff member
The New York Times, 1 January 1913

Will Retire June 30---Harold Sanderson to Take His Place

by Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph to The New York Times
LONDON, Dec. 31.---J. Bruce Ismay will retire from the Presidency of the
International Mercantile Marine Company next June 30, and will be
succeeded by Harold Sanderson, First Vice President.

An official statement issued today states that Mr. Ismay intimated his
desire to (illegible; either "retire" or "resign") last February.
Arrangements were then made for the change to take place next June. Mr.
Sanderson will receive six months' leave of absence from to-morrow.

The change will necessarily include Mr. Ismay's resignation from
subsidiary positions, such as the Chairmanship of the White Star Line,
but to meet the wishes of his colleagues he has consented to remain a
member of the Board of Directors of the International Mercantile Marine
Company and of the British Committee.

The announcement now made confirms the statement as to Mr. Ismay's
approaching resignation first made in THE NEW YORK TIMES last Sept. 10,
and at that time denied.

The other engagements to which Mr. Ismay will continue to devote himself
are the Chairmanship of the Asiatic Steamship Company and the Liverpool
and London Steamship Protection Association, and Directorships in the
London & Northwestern Railway, Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance
Company, the Sea Insurance Company, and the Pacific Loan and Investment