News from 1924 Death of Capt JL Jones

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Mark Baber

The Evening Post, Wellington, 27 November 1924
Retrieved from the National Library of New Zealand web site,

Particulars of the death at sea on the 8th November of Captain J. L. Jones,
commander of the Shaw-Savill liner Athenic, were ascertained on the
vessel's arrival at Auckland. Captain Jones became seriously ill on the 7th
November, five days after his ship cleared the Panama Canal, and he died the
following day. His death was keenly felt by the 600 passengers and the crew.
He was buried at 11 p.m. on the day of his death, the funeral being a most
impressive one. Nearly everybody on board attended, and a clergyman, one of
the passengers, read the burial service, a naval bugler sounding the "Last
Post." Deceased was a fine type of seaman. He was born at Barmouth, North
Wales, 57 years ago. He joined the White Star Line in 1899, and was an
officer in various vessels of the company's fleet until he was promoted to
be chief officer on the Athenic in 1905. Later he was in command of the
Cuvic, [sic; could be "Cufic" or "Cevic"] Bovic, Ionic, and Medic. He had
been about two years in command of the Athenic, having made three trips to
New Zealand in her. On Captain Jones's death Captain W. S. Hodgson, chief
officer of the vessel, took command.

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