News from 1927 Capt Hambelton visits Australia

Mark Baber

Dec 29, 2000
The Argus, Melbourne, 5 February 1927
Retrieved from the National Library of Australia web site,

Making the round trip from Liverpool to Australia and back to escape the
rigours of the British winter, Captain A. E. S. Hambelton arrived at
Melbourne yesterday by the steamer Runic. Captain Hambelton, who for more
than 31 years was in the Atlantic service of the White Star line before he
retired three years ago, was last in command of the Olympic. He was in
command of a troopship during the war. His vessel was torpedoed when he was
on leave. He was at Melbourne 42 years ago on the full-rigged sailing ship
Durisdeer, of the Glasgow Village line. Captain J. B. Bulman, who is in
charge of the Runic, served as first officer under Captain Hambelton in the


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