News from 1954 Death of A B Cauty

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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
Mab Note: Two earlier articles about Cauty's White Star career appear here.

The Times, 4 August 1954


Sir Arthur Belcher Cauty, formerly joint general manager of the Cunard White
Star Company, died in hospital at Southampton on Saturday, five days after
his eighty-fourth birthday.

The son of Dr. Henry Cauty, of Liverpool, he was born on July 26, 1870, and
was educated at Cambridge House School, Seaforth. He served his
apprenticeship with Messrs. Richardson, Spence and Company, the Liverpool
agents of the Inman Line, and when the name of this line was changed to that
of the American Line and the mail steamers were transferred to Southampton
in 1894, he joined the London staff of that company. He remained in London
until 1899, and then took up an appointment with the White Star Line and
returned to Liverpool.

There he rose step by step in the company's service, rapidly acquiring
knowledge of all its branches and on the death of Colonel Concannon in 1926
he became general manager of the White Star Line and chairman of the
Liverpool board of directors. In 1934 he was appointed a director and joint
general manager of the Cunard White Star Ltd., retiring from the latter post
in 1936 but remaining on the board until May, 1948.

In addition to having been president of the Liverpool Steam Ship Owners'
Association and a member of the Dock Board, he had been the representative
of the Mercantile Marine Masters' and Officers' Relief Fund and was from
1934 to 1946 shipowners' chairman of the National Maritime Board. Until 1943
the seafarers' representatives of the National Maritime Board did not
appoint their chairman, and, in effect he was sole chairman of the whole
board. His contribution to industrial peace as a whole and to the shipping
industry in particular was great, and his work was rewarded in 1947 with a

At one time he was chairman of the Steamship Protection and Indemnity
Association, Ltd., and of the Liverpool and London War Risk Insurance
Association, Ltd., and for many years he was associated with the Royal Naval
Reserve, in which he held the honorary rank of captain.

He married in 1894 Miss Alma Emily, daughter of Mr. William Hurst. There
were two children of the marriage, a son who died young and a daughter.

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