News summary from 1896-97: James and Lady Margaret Ismay travel round-the-world

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
19 December 1896: P&O's China leaves London for Sydney. Among her
passengers, beginning a round-the-world trip, are James H. Ismay, a partner
in Ismay, Imrie & Co., his wife Lady Margaret Ismay, their daughter and a
maid. (Sources: The Times (London), 21 December 1896; The Sydney Morning
Herald, 19 January 1897.)

28 January 1897: James and Lady Margaret Ismay arrive at Sydney on P&O's
China. They will leave Sydney on the same ship, for Melbourne, on 13
February. (In the interim, a "J.H. Ismay," apparently alone, will travel to
Brisbane by train and return to Sydney on the steamer Wondoga.) (Sources:
The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 January and 8 and 13 February 1897; The
Brisbane Courier, 4, 6 and 8 February 1897.)

22 February 1897: At Melbourne, Lord Brassey, Governor of Victoria, suffers
"painful and serious injuries" including a broken collar bone when the horse
he is riding stumbles and falls on him. Riding with him are James and Lady
Margaret Ismay, and three daughters of Lord Glasgow, Governor of New
Zealand, all of whom are Brassey's guests at Government House. The Ismays
will leave Melbourne for Launceston, Tasmania, on the 1,000 ton steamer
Coogee on 26 February. (Sources: The Argus (Melbourne), 23 and 27 February

27 February 1897: The James Ismay family arrives at Launceston, and leaves
by express train for Hobart, where they will be the guests of Lady
Gormanston, wife of the Governor of Tasmania. The Ismays and their daughter
will attend a performance of H.M.S. Pinafore at Hobart's Theatre Royal on 1
March, with a Government House party including their hostess. (Sources:
Launceston Examiner, 1 March 1897; The Mercury (Hobart), 2, 4, and 6 March

3 March 1897: Gothic (Capt. Kidley) leaves Hobart for New Zealand with the
James Ismay family among her passenger complement; when they arrive at
Wellington on 7 March it will reported that Ismay "has come out to the colony
solely for the benefit of his health." The Ismays will leave Wellington for
Lyttelton on the 369 ton steamer Takapuna on 16 March; when and how they
return to Wellington is currently unknown. (Sources: The Mercury (Hobart),
4 March 1897; The Evening Post (Wellington), 8 and 17 March 1897; The Star
(Christchurch), 18 March 1897.)

2 April 1897: Gothic sails from Wellington for London. Among her passengers
are James and Lady Margaret Ismay, the former's health being described as
"quite restored" after their trip to Australia and New Zealand. (Source:
The Evening Post (Wellington), 2 April 1897; The Star (Christchurch), 2
April 1897. )

12 May 1897: After calls at Rio (leaving 24 April), Teneriffe (6 May) and
Plymouth (10 May), Gothic passes Gravesend on her way to London's Royal
Albert Dock to complete James and Lady Margaret Ismay's round-the-world
trip. (Source: The Times (London), 26 April, and 7, 11, and 13 May 1897.)

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