Newspaper article titled the Cult of Cunard

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Grant Carman

Jun 19, 2006

He's definately drunk the kool-aid.

A bit over the top, and a lot of people will disagree with him on a lot of it, but by and large, for the Cunard admirers, he's hit it pretty well spot on.

Of course Ellen will disagree.

Jerry Nuovo

Jan 18, 2003
New Jersey,USA
Grant, I admit that I'm addicted to the Cunard kool-aid too_Of all the times I was aboard the QE2 or QM2,I was always happy with the service and as a matter of fact I am booked to go back aboard the QM2 next June and I am looking forward to that.If other people are not happy with Cunard or will not go aboard the QM2,Queen Victoria or the future new Queen Elizabeth because they think it is too formal and stuffy that is fine with me.They are entitled to their opinion,however I do have the right to disagree with them. Regards,Jerry

Ellen Grace Butland

Ellen won't disagree, the only Cunard crossing I have done is across the Tasman Sea in 1989 in QE2, so I won't be in the 'club'. But I am a fan of ships that offer " a ship in the sea" rather than razzle dazzle floating resort style. I went to town to photograph Rhapsody of the seas and Seven Seas Voyager in Auckland on Sunday just past and was instantly repelled by the rock climbing wall tacked on the stern of Rhapsody of the seas, that sort of thing does not entice me, if I wanted to climb a rock climbing wall, I could go down to the one in Dominion road and do so in firm ground. I think Cunard is perceived as being formal and stuffy, and I can't speak for the new Cunard, but the QE2's crew welcomed me instantly and two of them (deck steward and table steward) said they liked the Australasian part of the world cruise because New Zealanders and Australians tended to thank them for everything, unlike some of the other nationalities. QE2 was like a huge private yacht, even when I sneaked into the Queen's Grill with my camera, I was not shooed away.
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