Newspaper articles around April 15 2002

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I have contacted some newspapers around the world to get them to write about the 90 years anniversary. In such articles often there comes information not known before. For those interested I recommend you to watch the internet pages of those newspapers around April 15 2002:
Flint Journal (J. Trout) The Anglo Colt Newspaper Mary Mc. Govern) Diario La Republica Lima, Newport Daily news (Mrs Margaret Hays). If anybody else read interesting articles in newespapers around April 15 2002, please inform others about it on this site.
The Courant, Hartfort CT, may have an article about a registered letter sent from Aseral Norway with the ferry Kristiansand - Frederikshavn 7 April 1912. Then sent with the night train from Ostende, arrived in London April 8. T. Fiskland Aseral sent the letter to Bloomfield, CT. There were 75 Norwegian letters lost with the Titanic.If there seems to be interest for it, I can continue with the newspaper list another day.
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Please keep us informed. I know that Phil Gowan was interviewed for the Charlotte Observer but I'm not sure if the article will appear the 14th or 15th.


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I don't know if this belongs here, but tomorrow's Good Morning America (4/10/02) will mark the 90th anniversary and interview a survivor. I'm sorry, I couldn't tell who it was. Anybody else know?

I see there is some interest in newspaper articles,TV programmes relating to the April 15 2002. Therefore I let you know about some more newspapers I have contacted:The Post Standard, Syracuse (Mary Davis Wilburn) Glasgow Courier (De Messemaecker) The Derby Daily Telegraph (Reginald Hardwick) Adresseavisen, Trondheim, Norway (about Henrik B Ness, mate on the famous sealhunter Samson)
List continued: Haugesunds Avis, Norway (about Bernt Bratthammer Johannessen) Dnevnik, Ljubljana, Slovenia (about Karun) Alamada Times Star, CA. The Star has contacted me writing they have enough information to write an article) Butte Standard, (about Imanita Hall Shelley) Ocean County Journal N.J. (about Compton)The Courier Journal KY, (Romaine) Der Spiegel, Germany (Alfred Nourney)
Here's a link to the Charlotte Observer article on the Titanic which appeared April 14. It includes an interview with Darren Honeycutt and references to Phil Gowan, his work, and to Lucile's kimono, which seems to be be getting rather famous.

I've not seen the print version of the story which is supposed to have carried my picture of the robe, so if anyone in that area who has a spare copy of the paper can send me a clipping of the piece I'll be glad to reimburse you.

http://www.charlotte .com/mld/observer/li ving/3061130.htm
To day I got "The Herald Bulltin", Anderson,Indiana issue Friday April 12 2002. There is a long article about Charles H. Romaine,
"A tall boisterous man with a sharp eye for money and not necesserily in the lawful sence". There is a photo of Anne Marie Harris looking through some old photos and letters from her great-uncle C. H Romaine. For those interested I suggest that you contact the newspaper, and ask if you can buy the issue for that day.
I recommend the following articles on the newspaper Greenwich Time (Connectitut) internet pages: April 13 2002: "Remembering the Titanic Ceremony held in the honor of victims" April 14 2002 "Fellow passengers Residents recall ties to Titanic"The last article is about J. Duquemin and William Thomson Graham
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