Newspaper sensationalism of the sinking

Haven't posted in awhile, been slightly busy. I have a recreation paper... The only thing i really found that seemed like pure imagination, was that it states that some of the crew were most definitely killed instantly due to the large amounts of ice that fell on the bow. I thought that was quite silly.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>I thought that was quite silly.<<

At the time, it would have had a ring of credibility to it. Certainly one can be sent to his/her "reward" by having an avalanche of ice fall on top of them. The problem of course is reality telling a very different story. If anybody was killed this way, nobody on the Titanic noticed it.
Ha ha yeah. I can see that. But I just thought that it was silly, based on what we know now. Also, I am afraid that I am not familiar with the "Rigel the dog" story. I would love to hear it if anyone would like to tell me

Thanks everyone.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
According to Jonas Briggs, a crewman on Carpathia, Rigel was a big Newfoundland dog owned by William Murdoch. He ended up in the water and drew Captain Rostron's attention to a lifeboat by barking loudly. Rigel was picked up and cared for on Carpathia.

Problem! Murdoch didn't have a dog on board and Jonas Briggs was not on Carpathia. He was a liar, like some others. He made his tale sound more likely by making Rigel a Newfoundland dog. These very large dogs really can swim in very cold water and they really do rescue people on occasions.
Thanks Dave! Learn something new every day! lol Even now there is so much false information in the news. It's just hard to tell sometimes. do love all of the information you can find on this site. Everyone is so helpful. Give yourselves a pat on the back!
Thanks again,

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