No Greater Love

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Jul 8, 2000
Has anyone seen the movie No Greater Love? I heard it is about the Titanic! What exactly is this movie's focus on the Titanic? Is it a good movie? doe's it focus on any passengers that were on the Titanic? thanks. Jeni
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Not exactly. The setting started on the Titanic in which the heroien (played by Kelly Rutherford) had to raise her brother and sister and run the family's newspaper after their parents were killed on the ship. As the Titanic featured only breifly at the start, the producers hardly bothered to go into any depth on the Titanic at all. Mostly, it was a love story.

Michael H. Standart

Cátia Lamy

Hi Jeni!

I've seen that movie about 3 years ago, when Cameron's Titanic was on the screen here. I didn't see it from the real start but it has about 15 minutes (if that much) about the sinking and the whole movie is about this older daughter of a couple who died on Titanic. She raise two brothers and a sister (if I'm not mistaken) which gave her real trouble speaccilly the sister. She runs also her family newspaper and some men fall in love with her but she never accept any of them till her brothers grow up.
This is all I can remember!

I hope I've helped you!
Cátia Lamy, Portugal
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