Nomadic Preservation Society events


Philippe Delaunoy


Here are some schedules from the Nomadic Preservation Society's meetings and Convention :

14th October : members' meeting in Belfast
26th November : members' meeting and AGM in Belfast

You are all welcome, even non (yet) members ;-)

3d - 5th June 2011 : Nomadic International Convention in Belfast (Holiday Inn accomodation, 2 diners including a Gala diner, lectures, visits, access to Nomadic, Titanic survivors relatives and some suprises ...)

The full planning will be released next 15th October.

Any question about NPS events, feel free to contact me ( or any other NPS Board Member.

I hope to meet you on board Nomadic next year !!!

Best regards,

Philippe Delaunoy
NPS - European Coordinator


Brussels, Belgium

Titanic - the artefacts exhibition
Lectures about 'The Belgians on board RMS Titanic'

09/11/2014 : Dutch language (by Dirk Musschoot)
09/18/2014 : French language (by Philippe Delaunoy)

Informations and booking : Event News | TITANIC EXPO