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I'm trying to find out any information about Norah Hemming, who boarded RMS Titanic at Queenstown. I think she was a steerage passenger and I believe she did not survive the sinking.
Mar 10, 1998
Her real name was Nora (or Honora) Fleming and she died in the sinking. There is a biographical sketch and photo of her in Senan Molony's new book.

Mona Parks

Nov 12, 2000
hi,phillip, I know this thread is a couple of years old, but I'm new to the message board and I was scanning the archives and found your message. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I have been sure that Nora Hemming and Nora Flemming were the same but hadn't been able to prove it. thanks again.
Jul 20, 2000
Mona, It may interest you to know that the Queentown Passenger/Ticket Boarding List BT 27/776 has the holder of ticket number 364859, listed as Nora Fleming. The Contract Ticket List also has Fleming; but Norah with an "h". The problem as with many other names lies with the White Star Passenger List; which has Norah Hemming.

Mar 10, 1998
You may still be able to get a copy of Senan Molony's book from one of the on-line booksellers. As I had mentioned--it has a good chapter on Nora as well as a photo of her.


Shannon Gwendolyn Maria Abbott - DeWitt Hannigan


Before a few months I experienced, that I related to a
Honora Flemings. She drowned on 14 April on the Titanic. Unfortunately
I could`t find very much information about her .
Could you help me , please ?
Dec 12, 1999
Well, there's her bio at ET:

Honor Fleming : Titanic Victim

And there's the following from a clipping I have taken from the Commutator (her great-niece was the one who wrote the following):

"In 1911, her sister, Catherine Fleming Wynne, a domestic working in New York, sent money for Honora's passage in 1911. The family, however, needed the cash and spent it (according to legend) on the purchase of a cow. Catherine sent money again in 1912, and Honora purchased her Titanic ticket.

Supposedly, Honora had 'no time' to buy a ticket in advance, and bought it 'on the boat'...Still a resident of Mayo, she may have left from Queenstown.

Catherine's guilt over her sister's death was staggering if irrational. She told us she waited "at the docks"."

And then, this piece from the response that Don Lynch wrote:

"[Margaret Devaney] was interviewed by the New York Herald...At the time of the collision, she and a group of others were singing and having a good time. 'A girl from my own parish, Anna Fleming, was entertaining us with Irish songs when the first word of trouble came. She went down with the Titanic, poor girl, and I believe she was singing or joking at the time, she was that jolly'."

How much of the above is true, I cannot tell you. Maybe one of the more "establised" researchers here could verify some of the above...but it does give you some background, I hope.


Apr 11, 2021
Hi. I'm her great grand-niece. She was my grandmother's maternal aunt (on my father's side). From what I know, the story about the fare being sent twice is possibly true, sad if true, but might also be just good folklore. My grandmother never talked about it really. She was my grandmother's aunt and Nora would probably have been very involved in her life before she left. I'm not sure how old my grandmother might have been when it happened - my grandmother was born the same year as the Queen of England, so work that out! I just know that the most I got out of my grandmother while doing a history project was 'yes, and she went on the Titanic'. Being 12, I probably asked and 'who did she marry' (our project was to research our family tree) and my grandmother just said something like 'she drowned, God rest her'. I honestly didn't know this before asking and at my age didn't know anything about the Titanic either (it was hand on heart the first that I'd heard of it and indeed, I think it may have been the first that my mother had heard of it!). My grandmother then mentioned something about her other aunt in America, Catherine I think and said that she never set foot on a boat to visit Ireland for the rest of her life - she seemed genuinely sad about that, so I suspect my grandmother had also been close to that aunt. My grandmother had a lovely way of talking and said something like 'Aw Loreen (that's how she pronounced my name), sure she went and could never come back God love her'. Not being a great historian at 12, that is the only conversation I recall having ever had about the whole thing. My impression with the hindsight of a few decades is that it was something very painful to my grandmother personally, but that painful things like this quite simply were not talked about in that generation. There was a way that my grandmother held her head to one side when thinking of something that upset her and that is how I remember that conversation.
My grandmother was terrified of boats, though she did in her later years fly to Spain with my aunt (her daughter) and they may in fact have persuaded her onto a cruise at one point, though I doubt the she enjoyed it particularly! My uncle and I both live in London so often use the boats for travel between Ireland and England. My grandmother said Novenas every minute she knew that any of us were on a boat. She was the same with air travel to be fair.
I love to think of the scene from the movie Titanic, with Kate Winslett dancing in steering class and cry every time I watch it as I think, that's my great gran-aunt! It's a bit idiotic and overly sentimental, but that's who I am.
From what I've heard about Nora (Honor) Fleming, she was a talented singer and apparently all the Flemings were talented at singing and music (according to my Dad - He is convinced that we're related to a fella called Tommy Fleming I think?). If it's worth anything to anyone reading, my daughter has inherited that musical talent. She has won the Leinster final twice at violin and has also won the Leinster final twice at set dancing. I have won the All Ireland final twice at set dancing and my sister is talented musically too. My brother toured with Riverdance and won the World Championships twice at Irish Dancing. That's why the scene from Titanic resonates with me. I can really imagine it being her. Enjoying herself with music and dance. I may well have inherited her personality if accounts of her are to be believed!

If anyone from the extended family reads this, please do get in touch with me. I'm not sure whether you can do so on here or whether I need to keep checking this page? My grandmother was Mary Noone (Lynn). Her aunt was Nora Fleming. Catherine in America was also her aunt obviously. I actually can't think of her mother's name. I'd have to ask my Dad and it's lambing season at the moment so he's not picking up his phone! I'll update when I get to speak to him tomorrow.

Thinking of you all! x Lorraine

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